Prostitution in nigerian higher institution adult dating intim

prostitution in nigerian higher institution adult dating intim

a lesson. When men and women who preside over the affairs of this nation, are nothing but adulterers, moral destroyers and debases of womanhood. Academic indiscipline has crop into the ivory towers, which is precipitating serious crisis of academic excellence and quality of graduates that are turnout every year. The failure of Nigerian leaders to developed the nation seriously led to widening gap between the poor and the rich. I have a bf now and he's very well-off and treats me well so i'm not looking but my mom is a graduate who came from poverty, i mean wretched poverty and struggled yet she ended up having an average.

Furthermore, because of the way these students were used and their connections in high places, they no longer respect their lecturers or constituted authorities in their respective schools. Another one is into event decor. No wonder, the business of campus prostitution is receiving enough patronage and its attending material gratifications; as exhibited by the general show up of materials status by these prostitutes in campuses across the federation. We are in deep trouble in this country if urgent attention is not taking to address this crisis. This inordinate desire for affluence and desperation by many Nigerians, especially these young ladies in campuses are the motivating factors for them to be consistently lured and engaged for sexually explicit acts and prostitution and these girls are unmindful. No man has ever offered me a dime based on my brains, some dont even know if i know book and even if i were dumb they wouldnt care.

Most run girls, i mean the real ones make millions monthly. The Nigerian state and the leadership structures have been the major promote of this illicit business in our campuses. Meanwhile, to breakup this vicious circle of sexual atrocity, it is necessary for Nigerians to rise in unison to compel the political office holders and especially the National and State Assembles to create the legal framework for ensuring that the. So when you decide to embark on a journey, review it wisely, some journey are of no return. There is usually a reward for genuine hard-work. I believe the reason this thread is dominated by men is cos they really do not know how much these girls lay hands on and the girls who do dont wanna cast themselves.

While your kid is at home for asuu strike, theirs will be studying in UK. There is no tertiary institution that is immune of this crisis. This is a bad omen for motherhood and academic excellence. The religious organizations have a role in these gigantic crusades against societal ills that is already destroying the pillars that hold us together as nation. The values of hard work, research and intellectuals pursuit, has been thrown to the dustbin of history; as most of these student have already known that the only thing they need is to bribe the lecturers involved. So its incumbent that campus female students should seriously try to stand tall and shun this God forsaken behavior thats only a disappointment to the nation and also a shame to the youth. You have the most making sense comment in this whole thread and i like blunt ppl like you who are in touch with reality. Some have lost it, some are loosing it and some will still loose it, Why not look inwardly, you know that thing you are doing wrongly, not everyone would get a second chance to review the chances life has thrown at them. I have had a worth of #810k given to me in less than 3 wks only by men who just wanted to date me and i was still doing gara gara sef so i can. Life ain't fair or the country is not just.


The "good" girls will end up with average earners just like them except if they are very stunning which is unlikely cos if they were they would have had so much money thrown at them and they would break. Sandijey: Please don't say that. Until then we hope and pray that these societal ills that are receiving dominance and attention in our campus will be uprooted once and for all and build a virile society where ethics, principles and morality will. You want recommendation, admission, bank statement to travel abroad, these girls got. A lot of people do not have the opportunities she had to be alive to tell the story.

Apart from bringing international opprobrium to Nigeria, prostitution has assumed a more sinister dimension with the invasion of the tertiary institutions by older male members of the privileged class to fetch girls from the school to be used as commercial sex workers. The idea about morality in Nigeria is fast loosing is essence; as results of the failure of value system that propelled the people to contribute and provide a framework for societal regeneration. The moral of all this is that some parents are inadvertently helping to drive their wards into prostitution on campuses, because of the meager funds they give them as allowances. The values of hardwork, research and intellectuals pursuit, has been thrown to the dustbin of history; as most of these students have already know that the only things they need is to bribe the lecturer involve both. Prostitution began many centuries ago, in Nigeria today; prostitution has evolved from being practiced by women only, there are now male prostitutes who parade themselves shamelessly as the female. Tomorrow they will come out and give glory to God meanwhile their beginning is riddled wiv promiscuity. This is rather on called for and disheartens the soul of every lover of this country. Rich men want pretty girls and pretty girls want rich men. So, it is incumbent upon parent to seriously monitor and provide our young ones with moral upbringing that will be a light that will always guide them even in the absence of the parents.

This gap comes with it own repercussions of the social vices such as prostitution, drugs trafficking, moral bankruptcy. Academic indiscipline has crop into the ivory towers, which is precipitating serious crisis of academic excellence and quality of graduates that are turned out every year. What then is campus prostitution? That means there is direct relationship between moral uprightness of a society and the kind of leadership at the saddle of any society. The car tumbled like 3 times, nobody died but we were hurt. The major clients of these campus prostitutes are major big shots in power. Do u see how this female celebrities are worshipped. It is often said the ivory towers is the last stage of moulding leaders of tomorrow, in preparatory for their engagement as leaders and policy makers of the future. The level of moral bankruptcy in Nigerian today, calls for sober reflection and urgent attentions to sustain the growing societal drifting into the abyss of confusion and chaos.

It may interest us to know that the growth and the boldness of these misguided brats in our campuses manifested with the returned to democratic rule. How do we expect our great nation to be great? However, it is interesting to agreed with the two contending argument, over the cause of such moral backwardness. I am talking from what I see everyday. The Menace of Campus Prostitution in Nigeria.

Because no society ever progress if those in the saddle of leadership are nothing but immoral and irresponsible set of class of mediocre. This is because the younger generations are often seen as the leaders of tomorrow. These general hopelessness and despairs is what is propelling these mothers of tomorrow to sell their honey well for a pattering sum of money to take care of them selves in school amidst parental neglects and inactions. Contents, you might not be that lucky, whatever is ill gotten cannot stand the test of time. They got all these threw the help of their sugar daddies. These young girls have begun using social media to reach out to wider prospective clients; they have even gone to the extent of signing on to various advertising agents on social networks like Campus Divas for Rich. But, the question is; who provides the platform for such reforms to take place, when it is the same politicians, political office holders, bureaucrats that are the major promoters of such illicit business in the first place. However, this is not an indication of supporting prostitution especially in our campus, but, to trace where the crisis begin from.

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I dont want to brag but i'm good looking and very intelligent, i'm talking 256 in my first jamb ever at just 16 and no looking left or right then cos i was young and scared. On a visit to the female hostels at night, one would be amazed at the kind of flashy and expensive cars that comes to pick these young undergraduates for one nocturnal function or jamboree party or the other. Campus prostitution has become a serious embarrassment to stake holders in the educational sector of the country. This is rather pathetic for this nation and it people. Academic indiscipline has become the rule rather than exception in the tertiary institutions so much that universities go about scouting for rich clients to be conferred with the honorary doctorate degree and thereby pay up service to the ravaging effects of campus prostitution. It was fun sie sucht ihn erotik berlin rubensfrauen beim ficken while it lasted until I almost lost my life on a journey, I had told my sister I was going to church ( redemption camp) precisely but my destination was different. So, it is incumbent upon us as parents to seriously monitor and provides our wards with moral upbringing that will be a light that will always guide them even in our absence. That is why nations take the issue of moral upbringing especially among their youths very serious. Yobo and Kanu nwankwo married pretty girls who didnt have degrees at the time.

Prostitution In Nigerian Higher Institution Adult Dating Intim

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You think many of this women doing well got there because they were brilliant. By Eruke Mume, the Nigeria society is fast drifting towards social backwardness as the idea about morality in Nigeria is fast losing its essences as results of the failure of value system that propelled the people to contribute and provide a framework for societal regeneration. Please do not give up, no matter how bad life is treating you, stand tall and firm. Sometimes, we often pick wrong role models, and since I was living very large in the University, I could afford whatever it is I needed. Read her story below: Often times we forget how much of Gods grace we enjoy. I know a girl whose sugar daddy helped secure admission for her cousin, these girls know ppl. Average is not something to aspire to be in 2014. A word they say is enough for the wise. We still keep in touch.

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So; therefore, their mental and spiritual state of minds is of very important to any nation that desire development. From available finding this mothers of tomorrow were often used to appease a visiting guest whenever there is social events in town or at the capital cities. Also because of the huge monetary inducement in this illicit business, these corporate and campus prostitutes often parade themselves in flashy and sophisticated cars, jewelries and costumes to the chagrin and envy of their fellow students thereby. Pretty Nigerian lady, oluwatoni has decided to share her view on Prostitution in higher institutions in Nigeria and also advised young undergraduates on the dangers of selling ones body. A visit to females hotels at night, one will be amaze with the kind of flashing cars that come to pick these young undergraduates for one functions or the other. These pose seriously challenges to academic excellence. The concept of aristos from the word aristocrats came about when rich elite invade university female hostels in search of girls/students of easy virtue to satisfy their sexual desires for fees. The same set of misguided leaders that have thrown the parents of these students into greater poverty, thus, their inability to provide for their needs, are the same that are today destroying their womanhood; because they control the means of survival and social status. I feared God and most especially weman in herington in kansas auf der suche nach sex tarnishing my family image. Until then we hope and pray that these illicit business that is receiving dominance and attention in our campus will be uprooted once and for all and build a virile society where ethics, principles and morality will.